Do Atheists Judge God’s Morality?

December 6, 2011

Mike Johnson asks:

Question for discussion: If morality is exclusively human in origin and relevance, why do we judge the God of the Bible with it?


On the premise that human moral values and obligations are a product of human evolution, they would necessarily only apply to human beings and useful in governing and judging human behavior, and would be subject to change and further “evolve” over time.

Many atheists object to what they conclude are “immoral” acts committed by God described in the Bible, i.e. murder, commanding genocide, incest, slavery, etc.

How can morality that only applies to contemporary humans be used to make moral judgments against a hypothetical Creator God, who, if He existed, would not be bound to moral laws from human conceptualization, based on descriptions of immoral acts that the Bible portrays as occurring thousands of years ago? Doesn’t this show that even the atheist who would make such objections holds that morality is universal and absolute regardless of time, place or person, thereby placing the origin of moral values and obligations somewhere outside the scope of human convention?


Moral Dilemma: Honesty vs. Aid

December 25, 2010

Green Genius says:

Dear Atheist, once while working with a Hindu Surgeon we were about to put a late middle aged sort of red necked women under for a procedure when she said “Dr before I will let you operate on me I must know if you believe in God?”. And he said “Yes, Yes Mam I do”. Well I am an atheist and I still wonder what I would of said if she would of asked me? If you were in this situation what would you have said, being an atheist?

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