Is love eternal?

March 3, 2010

Walter A asks:

Is love eternal? I have heard the promise all the time: “I will love you forever. This life and on the afterlife”. This is assuming the loving person will move to a new plane where loving is allowed (heaven?).

Since there is no afterlife. Love ends with death.


Can Atheists believe in an afterlife?

December 10, 2009

tea asks:

There are many ways to debate this. Most new atheist explain or argue that if you don’t believe in god, then it is impossible to believe in anything supernatural or an afterlife.

I personally believe that 99% of what people claim to be a supernatural or religious experience is just the mind creating delusions. And I find myself rolling my eyes when I listen to someone explaining they had some type of “experience”. But I do find myself believing in something more. I feel that the mind is very powerful and 99% of the time it is just my brain creating a delusional world for me to live in because I can’t find the scientific explanation. But there is still that feeling. The feeling is that I am connected to something bigger then myself and that there is a purpose to everything.

I still live my life as an atheist. I use logic and reason to live my life. And I don’t live my life by any dogmatic point of view. I also live my life in the here and now, not waiting for some “next life” to happen. I just want to see other atheist feel about this subject.

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