Where The Heck Have You Been??

June 5, 2013

Hi, folks. This is just a quick shout-out to say Thanks! for keeping the blog alive while I’ve been away. To answer a few questions I’ve been receiving via email:

Q: Where are you??

A: I’m around – just incredibly busy the last few months with an increased work load, leaving me virtually no free time. Things are finally beginning to let up at work and I expect to be back soon.

Q: Are you letting the blog die?

A: Not intentionally! I intend to resume posting soon when my schedule permits. That said, I’m considering replacing the blog with a forum so that others can more easily start new conversations. If I do that (and it would be a while before I can get to it), I’ll post the new forum link on this blog in a prominent place so that you can’t miss it. Also, if I do replace the blog with the forum, I’ll lock this blog for comments, but I’ll leave it published as a reference – there are some really great discussions here that I think are worth keeping online.

Thanks again to all for keeping the conversation alive!


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