Breaking News: Atheist with Spiritual Gifts

According to,

A spiritual gift is a supernatural ability given by the Holy Spirit to a person at the moment of his or her salvation.

The webmasters at attend The Vine Church who are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Their site seems to reflect mainstream SBC theology. They provide the following list of gifts, as well as the biblical verses to support their list:

Administration/Ruling Giving Miracles
Apostleship Healing Pastor/Teacher
Discernment of Spirits Helps/Serving/Ministering Prophecy
Evangelism Interpretation of Tongues Teaching
Exhortation Knowledge Tongues
Faith Mercy Wisdom

I took the test myself (you can take it too, the test is here) and guess what! I’ve got spiritual gifts! I answered all of the questions as honestly as I could. I didn’t do it as a joke, I did it because I was genuinely curious about the test. I became curious about it because I’d seen Christians on other blogs claiming to have spiritual gifts and they cited various spiritual-gift test sites as evidence for their gifts; evidence that was accepted by other Christians on the blogs. Since the test results seemed to be an excepted way to know what spiritual gifts you had, I decided to see what the tests were like. I searched on using the search string “spiritual gifts test” and was near the top of the list. I took the test.

It turns out that I have every one of the gifts that they test for. My top 4 (20 or more points) are the gifts of Teaching, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Administration/Ruling. says they don’t test for the gift of Tongues among a few others because those gifts are self-evidence – evidently, I have that gift too.

How can this be? According to the site, these gifts are spiritual and they are obtained at the moment of salvation. Possibly I’m actually saved even though I don’t believe that I am. Possibly the claim that spiritual gifts are only for the saved is false. Possibly the test isn’t reliable, and Christians that believe that they have spiritual gifts based on tests like these are being duped by their fellow Christians who run the spiritual-gift test sites. Of course it is also possible, as far as you the Reader knows, that I lied on the test or that I’m lying about my test results. But you can easily verity the plausibility of my claim by taking the test yourself (if you believe you are not saved) or asking an unsaved friend to take the test.

How do you explain my spiritual gifts?  What spiritual gifts do you have?


10 Responses to Breaking News: Atheist with Spiritual Gifts

  1. The Reverend says:

    My gifts are: Discernment (B.S. detector), Teacher (sans ruler) and Ministering (ergo my moniker). I used to speak in tongues but I don’t drink anymore.

    I think our ‘gifts’ are, simply, our humanity. Empathy, sympathy and an innate sense of fair play are the results of experiencing an occasional hard knock in our lives.
    If one has been able to lift themselves out of some dire circumstance they often feel compelled to try and help others to improve their lives.

  2. Good article. I agree with the reverend, it is human nature to want to help others.

  3. J.D. says:

    I have to agree with the Rev. Most of these “gifts” are simply that persons natural path in life. Some of take to being a leader easily, for others it is something learned. Some people are extremely compassionate, others are not.

    I am off to take this test. I plan I sending the results to my family. LMAO. I want to see what they say. Especially since I am going to post it to them using the same title used in the article.

    The reason for this is (they are SBC) at one point in time in my ignorance, I professed my salvation. So if I do have these spiritual gifts, they will say that I just “turned my back on “god”” or if i do not have any, I was ” never really saved to begin with”

    I will post my results here.

  4. J.D. says:

    Definition Administration/Ruling – 23

    Definition Discernment – 19

    Definition Evangelism – 8

    Definition Exhortation – 7

    Definition Faith – 0

    Definition Giving – 1

    Definition Helps/Serving/Ministering – 10

    Definition Knowledge – 14

    Definition Mercy – 5

    Definition Pastor/Teacher – 4

    Definition Teaching – 22

    Definition Wisdom – 14

  5. The Atheist says:

    Rev – I agree too. Different people have different talents and to try and repackage innate talent as spiritual gifts is, shall we say, a funny way of looking at it. Too bad you quit “speaking in tongues” :)

    Articlehideaway – thanks for stopping by.

    J.D. – nice scores! :) It gives me an idea for a new article. Want me to tell you or do you want to be surprised?

  6. J.D. says:


    Shoot it to me in email.

  7. doug says:


    Check my latest post in “Why do atheist argue…..”

    Best wishes & God bless yawl

  8. […] Gift of Faith I recently wrote about a spiritual gift test I had taken online. Besides being amused that fundamentalist Christians […]

  9. Interesting. On the ‘interpretation of tongues’ post, I mentioned the exegesis I’ve recently finished (which is up now under ‘essays’ at my page). It certainly is more relevant to this post than the ‘interpretation’ post.

    Two relevant points from it:
    – Talking about ‘the nine spiritual gifts’ miss the point Paul is making in 1 Cor inthians12 (or Eph 4 or Romans 12 for that matter!). Paul doesn’t pre-suppose some ‘list’ of gifts, but rather wants the Corinthians to see their activities and workings (of all kinds) as charismaton (freely-given gifts).
    – An atheist, of course, will not see his/her abilities, etc. as gifts from God, but many commentators (and I agree here) point out that god’s activity is not restricted to Christians. A good reference here is Jurgen Moltmann’s ‘The Spirit of Life: A Universal Affirmation’.

  10. Gram says:

    If you think that’s hokey, take the test to see if you’re a good bet to become Muslim. All atheists can pass the test.

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