A Rough History of Disbelief

New thread courtesy of The Reverend – he writes:

On May 25th Wisconsin Public Television will be broadcasting Jonathan Miller’s ‘A Rough History of Disbelief.’

From Wikipedia: “…a 2005 documentary series conducted by Jonathan Miller for the BBC tracing the history of atheism. It was first shown on BBC Four and was repeated on BBC Two.

The series includes extracts from interviews with various academic luminaries including Arthur Miller, Richard Dawkins, Steve Weinberg, Colin McGinn, Denys Turner, Pascal Boyer and Daniel Dennett. The series also includes many quotations from the works of atheists, agnostics and deists, all read by Bernard Hill.”

The schedule for airing has changed a couple of times, so you may want to monitor their calendar: http://wpt.org/schedule/index.cfm

The series is also available for viewing at: http://www.veoh.com/channels/briefhistoryofdisbelief&;


The Reverend


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