Presupposition and Other Logic-based Apologetics

I’m delighted to see what I think is a new trend in Christian apologetics. I’ve noticed it in conversations with Christian friends and also on the bogs. More and more Christians seem to be employing the classic logical arguments to justify their faith (but if you could prove it logically, would it still faith?). Of course, some are better adept at critical thinking than others.

The reason this delights me is that I see it as an indicator that this generation’s potential prosilites are not quite as gullible as previous generations. They require more than the usual emotional cajoling to win them over. They demand reason. It is true that many potential prosilites will continue to respond to the cajoling, but I think this new trend in apologetic technique indicates that their numbers are on the wane.

In response to the need for critical apologetics, Christians are forced to consider the reasons why others should believe as they do. And in the process, Christians are forced to reevaluate their own reasons for faith. The ones who are better adept at critical thinking will be much more tolerant and understanding of those who believe differently than they do. This can only be good for society.


One Response to Presupposition and Other Logic-based Apologetics

  1. J.D. says:

    I would have to agree you completely.

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