What DO Atheists Believe?

November 29, 2007

JB Monteverde Says:

I have no issue with someone who does not believe in G_d. I do not think that one should be forced, pressured, coerced, or even convinced to believe one way or another.

But I would like to know what atheists DO believe in. What do you have FAITH in.

I hear a constant prevailing theme and tone in these blogs and from other sites for atheists and atheists I have spoken with, personally, that does, however, ridicule other peoples’ beliefs and faiths. And THAT attack-mode stance and mentality does much to diminish the validity of atheists’ position in my eyes. I have belief and faith and know what I know, yet I never feel the need to bolster my position by negating somebody else’s belief.

Personally I think it is ridiculous to waste one’s time looking for “evidence”. I have never associated the concept of “evidence” with any aspect of my spirituality. To me, a truly spiritual person just “GETS” the concept of faith.

I feel that if one can reach a point of true spirituality and faith and all the enrichment that those qualities bring to a life, without a belief in anything beyond mortal man and earthly material-world evidence, then that is just as valid as anyone elses belief or mindset.

I do not want to know why you don’t believe in G_d. What I would like to know, is what IS your belief system. What consoles you, teaches you, counsels you, sustains you in troubled times. Is there anything more important than you? Is there anything beyond you? I am asking this quite sincerely. By the way, I do know that who ever answers this is just probably speaking for themself, since i don’t think the atheist non-church has elected their pope yet….LOL

Thanks for your time. —-JB


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