Mental Research

January 19, 2007

New thread. Harris (Bobby) says:

Dear Brother/sister,

Don’t worry I’m not talking about getting saved. No, perhaps you can provide me an answer to my mental research:

Few years back my question of a supreme being in existence came in question, I’m a believer in evolution, I believe that science is the knowledge of this place (universe), what it consists of and how it functions to put it simply. So anyway I secluded my-self from all civilization and went into meditation. I meditated on this aspect: the four elements of creation on this planet: earth, air, water, fire. Now my question was that do we need these to survive or are we of these? After days of reflection I realized the fact that we need these to survive means that we are of these. Now our body is ninety some percent water, we have minerals that are in the earth consist within us, our body produces certain amount BTUs of heat, and we breath. Okay that was answered. Now what about us? Each one of us has come out of another human being, so we are of each other and we need each other to survive. If a mammal is placed in seclusion, will deteriorate physically and mentally and eventually perhaps death. Now all the elements discovered on the periodic table; metals non-metals, gases are in other physical bodies in space in perfect proportion. Now we being of each other as cognitive separate entities, us being of the four elements, the four elements being of this earth, the earth being of the universe….now what about this universe, following that same pattern, it must be of something and not only that, it needs it to function. This what I just relayed to you is a result of weeks of meditation and my mind was stuck here. Then one day it sort of clicked! But I want a second opinion to put it mildly. What is the answer to my final conjecture: This universe is of something and it needs it to function and/or survive. Once you feel you have the answer then we’ll perhaps discuss dreams and they are not a result of our voluntary or involuntary sensory nerves. Well thanks for your time, really, hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks and take care,



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